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Colors & Prints

Choose from one of our 8 solid colors or 2 carbon fiber colors, or customize your EDC with one of our specialty prints.

If you have a special color or print request, please reach out to see about its availability.

BattleShip Grey.jpg

Battleship Grey



Desert Tan.jpg

Desert Tan

Flat Dark Earth (FDE).jpg

Flat Dark Earth (FDE)

Hot Pink.jpg

Hot Pink

Police Blue.jpg

Police Blue

Purple Haze.jpg

Purple Haze

Zombie Green.jpg

Zombie Green

Black - Carbon Fiber.jpg

Carbon Fiber Black +$5

FDE - Carbon Fiber.jpg

Carbon Fiber FDE +$5

2A Extended.jpg

2A Extended +$20

Amendement II Flag.jpg

Amendment II Flag +$20

American Punisher.jpg

American Punisher +$20

Faded Flag.jpg

Extended Flag +$20

Flag Collage.jpg

Flag Collage +$20


Hawaiian +$20


Topography +$20
(placed on a solid color)

Weathered Glory.jpg

Weathered Glory +$20

WTP Flag.jpg

WTP Flag +$20

WTP Parch,ent.jpeg

WTP Parchment +$20


Contact us about getting "your" specialty print put on your holster.

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